REEL – VHS Bloodfiend Edition


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Only 25 copies! All numbered and personalized.

REEL VHS: very rare edition of SlasherVictim666’s debut masterpiece movie.  8 old minutes have been removed and 10 new minutes have been added in. This is an incredibly rare version that was made specifically for this VHS. (note: VHS is in standard North American NTSC format).

VOTING CARD: answer an important question SlasherVictim666 is curious about and have the chance to alter the future of the REEL franchise. As a bonus; 4 randomly chosen Voting Cards will feature an exclusive 5 minute Skype call with SlasherVictim666 himself! Incredibly rare!

SLASHERVICTIM666 PERSONALIZED LETTER: handwritten letter by the director. Every copy is different.

LOCK OF HAYLEY’S HAIR: a lock of hair from SlasherVictim12; Hayley Watts.

BLOODFIEND AGREEMENT: a brief story on how this VHS edition came to be. Written by Assistant Jane.

GOLDEN TICKET: access code to the Reel Secret Screening Room.  

HAZMAT BAG: the entire package is sealed inside a numbered hazmat bag.


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