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Become a Patron for as little as $1 a month or drain your bank account and give SlasherVictim666 all your money each and every day! The choice is yours! Just don’t be cheap as SV and his family need all the money they can get to takeover Hollywood.

Check out the Patreon page for more details but here’s an example of some of rewards SlasherVictim666 is offering for helping out the cause…

ACCESS TO EXTRA REEL FOOTAGE: get to see stuff no one else gets to see!

SKYPE CONVERSATIONS WITH SLASHERVICTIM666: talk to the genius director directly! Not once or twice but on the reg!

SV SWAG: stickers, door hangers, private notes, etc.

CREDITS: get your name in the REEL movies!

MORE VIDEOS: see new weapons designed by SV every month, get your name shouted-out on social media, have a Star whisper your name during their last breath!!

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